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Upcoming Paddles, Late August into September

Kiptopeke Weekend, 2007
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Portsmouth City Park
Tuesday, August 26th
This will be a relaxed paddle that will last as long as the daylight. Sterns Creek boasts a surprising amount of wildlife. This will be paced for beginners, but the occasional boat wake or the wind in the Western Branch could get tricky.

September 12-14 (NEW DATE)
Kiptopeke State Park, Eastern Shore

This is a different weekend than usual- hopefully it doesn't put a kink in your plans. Kiptopeke is kind of the start of the end of summer, so we are trying to put that off for a couple of weeks.

This is one of the most mellow camping events on the Mogul Schedule. Show up, set up, watch the sunset over the bay, and paddle if you want. We will head out sometime Saturday morning to paddle, and if weather and our otherwise busy schedules cooperate, we will attempt a short paddle Sunday.

Don't feel like you have to paddle, either. Bring your bicycle, head up to Cape Charles or some other scenic locale, or just relax all day!

We usually handle meals on our own this weekend, sharing if you have extra. Otherwise, it is bring your own everything! If you don't feel like camping, come up and join us for the day! Kiptopeke is only 40 miles away, but it feels a lot farther than that. The Kiptopeke Inn is a mile away from the campground for those who prefer motel accommodations.

Sunday, September 21
Dozier's Bridge Put-in, Princess Anne Road

We will paddle south along the creek, and either return, or if things look good, set a shuttle to enjoy spectacular West Neck Creek. Bring a lunch- we will try to stop somewhere along the way.

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