Monday, August 29, 2011

Bennett's Creek Evening Paddle, 6/28/2011

Ooops! Forgot to post this paddle!

Six mice met at Bennett's Creek Park in Suffolk for an evening paddle up the creek towards the Nansemond River. Evening paddles are generally very relaxed and peaceful. The wind has calmed down, the late-day light is mellower, and it is just great to get out on the water after a day at work.

Refreshment Stop

Refreshment Stop by jmharper60
Refreshment Stop, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

A tradition on our Bennett's Creek paddle is a stop at the Harborside restaurant for a quick beverage. We use the boat ramp next to the restaurant, stow our boats out of the way, and head to the bar!

Evening Put-in

Evening Put-in by jmharper60
Evening Put-in, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

After the refreshment stop, we put in for the final 20 minutes back to take-out. It wasn't as dark as it looks in this picture of Sue, but it was getting there!

Halfway back, it started pouring rain, and we pulled in to the boat ramp soaking wet and laughing.

Loading in the Dark

Loading in the Dark by jmharper60
Loading in the Dark, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

The gang takes a very short break after loading up in the dark at take-out. The rain stopped soon after we pulled in.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'd Paddle Down the Street, but It's Too Windy

Mowbray Arch During Irene by jmharper60
Mowbray Arch During Irene, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

Close to the peak of Irene, and the tidal surge is moving up Mowbray Arch in Ghent. I'd love to paddle it, but with 40-50 mph winds, I'd wind up in North Carolina!

Hope that everyone comes through Irene OK.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lake Meade Paddle- 7/9/2011

102_4703_2 by jmharper60
102_4703_2, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

SEVENTEEN mice met at Sue's place out in Suffolk, and headed over to Lake Meade for a paddle, to be followed by a cookout. It was a long line of cars that made the two-mile trip.

Thanks to Sue for suggesting the put-in, and for hosting a great cookout afterwards. Lots of great food and fun with friends!

In a Line

102_4724_2 by jmharper60
102_4724_2, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

The thought of some good food was motivation enough for these Mice to hightail it back for takeout. This group hit their rhythm, and held this line together for about five minutes.

A Beautiful Day on the Water

102_4720_2 by jmharper60
102_4720_2, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

Fresh water that is. It is nice to get out on some fresh water every once in a while. Lake Meade is a reservoir for the Portsmouth water supply.

Paddle the Bob Way

102_4712 by jmharper60
102_4712, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

Bob knows how to kick back and enjoy a paddle, doesn't he? And yet, he often charged ahead of the group and had to stop and wait. What's your secret, Bob?

Group Shot

DSCF0110_2 by jmharper60
DSCF0110_2, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

It was a legendary feat of organization- or just an accident. Whatever the explanation, sixteen Moguls got together, and were all in a line, AND pointed in the same direction. A reason to celebrate, don't you think?

That's More Like It!

DSCF0112_2 by jmharper60
DSCF0112_2, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

Now there's some enthusiasm!


Morning on the Lafayette River

Nine early rising Moguls met at John's house Sunday morning, July 31st. Meet time was 8:30, as recommended by John. We were rewarded with a quiet river- few powerboats, no lawnmowers, and some good nature sightings.

Jim and his Long Boat

Jim and his Long Boat by jmharper60
Jim and his Long Boat, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

You never know what boat Jim will bring, but this seventeen footer is one of his favorites. It is a touring boat- longer and narrower than most of our boats, with no rudder. It goes straight better, but is a little more challenging to turn. Jim makes it look easy, though.

Looking for Eagles

Looking for Eagles by jmharper60
Looking for Eagles, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

John reported seeing eagles and eaglets a little earlier in the summer, and took us to the viewing spot. Alas, there were no eagles to see, but their nest was still in one of the trees. Here, John points out the nest location to Chris.

Very Relaxed

Very Relaxed by jmharper60
Very Relaxed, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

John shows how to relax on the water in style. Note the PFD under his feet!

Sunday Fun

Sunday Fun by jmharper60
Sunday Fun, a photo by jmharper60 on Flickr.

Bob takes advantage of a lull in the action to smile for the camera.

The morning paddle was a new idea for us, and a good one. We got out on the river before the powerboats, and had a quiet, peaceful paddle.