Sunday, June 25, 2006

Owl's Creek Night Paddle

Owl's Creek Night Paddle, originally uploaded by jmharper.

The third time was the charm! After two cancellations for rainy weather, seven Mice met after work at the Owl's Creek boat ramp near the Virginia Marine Science Museum. Jim, Ed, John, Jan, Ginny, Marcial and Jeff hit the water in mid June at about 7:30 pm for a nice relaxing two-hour paddle.

Here Ed models the standard paddling set-up. Boat, paddle, PFD (mandatory), and a desire to enjoy yourself on the water. Note the night addition of the flashlight. Our eyes will adjust to the increasing darkness, but the lights are so others can see us. Power boat traffic was minimal, as it usually is at Owl's Creek. It is one place where the power boaters seem to respect the no wake zone.

Sunset's On Its Way

Sunset's On Its Way, originally uploaded by jmharper.

Well, this time the fireflies weren't as numerous, but the sunset was great. Sunset on a kayak is a unique experience. Kind of like the pie and chips in the insurance commercial. Sunset? Kayaking? Sunset while kayaking! Everybody likes sunset while kayaking.

John and Jan are beaming in anticipation of the sunset to come, and perhaps a tasty libation at one of the Rudee Inlet watering holes afterwards! Jan was also enjoying her new boat!

That's My House Back There!

That's My House Back There!, originally uploaded by jmharper.

One of the many interesting aspects of any paddle at Owl's Creek is the trip under the Rudee Inlet Bridge and into Lake Wesley, otherwise known as Croatan's backyard. Lots of massive houses, some of which don't seem to make sense.

We learned a little something about each other by staking a claim to "our" favorite house along the lake. Here, Ginny seems to prefer the one with the large deck, or was it the one with the lighthouse, or the one with the huge yacht?

Rudee Inlet at Night

Rudee Inlet at Night, originally uploaded by jmharper.

This is one of the few "night" pictures that came out. Maybe you can get an idea of what we saw.

The best way to experience it though, is to join us! Every paddle brings something a little different. We missed the moon this time, since moonrise wasn't until early morning, but that just made the dark a little darker!

Hope you can make it to our next paddle!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Air Power Park Paddle- TIME CHANGE

Hello Mice!

I hope some of you were considering joining us at Air Power Park this weekend- it should be a great paddle over some new territory. Jerry plans to take us up the Back River towards the Hampton Coliseum, and if there is time, down towards Langley AFB and the bay.

Air Power Park is at the intersection of Mercury Boulevard and LaSalle Avenue, and is best approached from the west. Taking the Mercury Boulevard exit off I-64 and heading east for about a mile and a half is probably the best option. Meet in the main parking lot.

The original scheduled put in of 1pm does not work with the tides (low tide is at 2:30), so the paddle is ***RESCHEDULED TO 10AM***. Pack a lunch, we will stop somewhere along the way to relax and eat.

Hope to see you this Saturday, June 24th, at Air Power Park in Hampton, 10AM!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June Mice Paddles

Ready to paddle? Here's what's coming up:

This was one of our most popular paddles last year. Meet at the Owl's Creek boat ramp near the Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach at 7pm, put in at 7:30. We will paddle for a while in the light, then after sunset, we will explore some of the side creeks under the light of a nearly full moon. You will never forget the fireflies! Bring a flashlight.

Meet at the City boat ramp on the west side of the Lesner bridge at 10am for a traditional early season "social" paddle. We explore creeks and inlets at a relaxed pace, then adjourn to Bubba's restaurant for a late lunch and refreshing beverage. The perfect way to unwind after Harborfest!

A most unique put-in, found by Jerry Schneider during one of his investigations. Meet at 1pm at the park- we will put-in at a dock inside the park, and paddle up the Back River, through marshes, and under the I-64/664 interchange. Lots of nature in the middle of the city!

Times, and very occasionally dates are subject to change. Check your email before a paddle to get the most up-to-date info.

Future paddles will include putting in at the Chrysler Museum, and paddling our favorite leg of the Virginia beach Scenic Waterway, the West Neck Creek. (We will try to see it without pouring rain!) We will also be heading back to Merchant's Millpond for a daytrip.

As always, if you email me ahead of time, we will wait for you. If you don't, we won't. PFD's are mandatory, paddles are helpful. Turn off your cell phone and enjoy your friends and the scenery.

If you don't have a boat and want to try one out, let me know ahead of time. Many of us have extra boats and gear, but we need a little advance notice to load it up.

Keep an eye on the River Mice blog for what the Mice have been doing. It has been updated with some of our activities this season.

See you on the water!

Jeff Harper