Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lotus Garden Paddle, 8/23

Lotus Garden Paddle, 8/23
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Eight Mice made it out to Lotus Garden Park on Sandbridge Road for a great paddle. The weather was near perfect, sunny, and moderate temperatures. The group hustled their boats across the busy road, deciding to do the loop in reverse.

Wes, Sandy, Jerry, George, Jeff, Chris, Karl and Juliet did the five mile loop at a relaxed pace. The north part of Ashevile Creek, past Hells Point Golf Course, down the channel to Back Bay, a little bit of open water, and back into Asheville Creek.

The last part of the paddle was a real adventure, as the lotus plants had the last 1/4 mile of the creek choked off. The pace slowed to a crawl as everyone picked their way through the forest of plants and seaweed.

This is always one of our favorite paddles, with a neat variety of scenery, and a good length.

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