Sunday, August 03, 2008

Are We Going Uphill or Downhill?

Are We Going Uphill or Downhill?
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Debbie, Barbara and Jerry take a break at the halfway point of the third leg of the ride, a ten mile segment between Marlinton and Seebert/Watoga.

The Greenbrier River Trail is a converted railroad roadbed. This means that it has gentle curves, and no steep sections. The trail generally runs downhill from north to south, at no more than a 1% grade. about four miles of the trail at Marlinton is paved asphalt, and the rest of the trail is well-packed gravel, with little to no potholes or surprises. For comparison, the trail is smoother and much less hilly than the Newport News Park loop trail.

You need a bike with fat tires, but not necessarily a mountain bike. Debbie used her hybrid bike, with tires in-between a mountain bike and a road bike. Also required for the challenge, and recommended otherwise is a bike helmet.

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