Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Down the Creek

Down the Creek, originally uploaded by jmharper.

On August 27th, five Mice took a trip down the creek, with paddles. Jim, Jeanine, Jeff, Chris, and new member Jean met at the Princess Anne Road dock, set a shuttle, then headed down the creek.

A few wrong turns later, the group finally found the right trail. Sometimes Jeff gets his right and left confused. (He flunked left/right in Kindergarden!)

The paddle started with the narrow creek, and trees leaning over the top of us. Later, the paddle moved into wider waters, before we finally took out at the Hutton Lane dock off Virginia Beach Boulevard near the Pep Boys.

It was hard to believe that with scenery like this, we were paddling through the suburban heart of Virginia Beach!


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Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing.. I've lived in the area my entire life, and bought my first kayak this past fall. I've launched at the Hutton Circle dock twice this winter. I've paddled west, under the trestles and past the interstate... but stopped there... have gone about 4 channel markers down towards Lynnhaven, and paddled the feeder creeks between there. I surely would have paddled all day if I knew what was ahead of me.

I enjoy reading your blogs, you have inspired me to paddle the waterway this summer. If you have any suggestions, or interesting places and things you forgot to mention in this area please email me. I would also like to know if you have fished the area... email me at skatelongboards@yahoo.com . Thanks! - Ryan