Sunday, August 21, 2005

Virginia Beach Scenic Waterway

Virginia Beach Scenic Waterway, originally uploaded by jmharper.

In case you have wondered what all the jibber-jabber is about the Virginia Beach Scenic Waterway, here it is in map form.

We did the first leg from Munden Park to the West Neck Marina on June 26th. It was a ten mile paddle!

The second leg was done backwards, from Princess Anne Road to West Neck Marina on July 31st. A short 4-1/2 mile paddle, but the rain and scenery made it interesting.

Next up, we will paddle from Princess Anne Road to the Hutton Lane dock behind the Pep Boys on Virginia Beach Boulevard. Saturday, August 27th is the date.

Finally, we will paddle from Hutton Lane to the Lesner Bridge on September 24th. Come and join us!

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