Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Taking Cover!

Taking Cover!, originally uploaded by jmharper.

Ten minutes into our paddle, it started to rain. Just when we thought it would let up, it rained harder. Just when we thouight it couldn't keep up anymore, it really started pouring! You can see what we were dealing with in the background.

About halfway through the paddle, at the 1:15 mark, we were able to take cover under the Indian River Road bridge for a break from the elements. Those with glasses wiped them off, and those with beverages opened them. Those of us with bailers also bailed our boats of about an inch of accumulated water inside.

Between Princess Anne and Indian River Roads, the paddle goes through a tree-lined channel. Thankfully, someone had been through with a chainsaw sometime after hurricane Isabel, because there were few obstacles. If you have a rudder, you have to take it up every once in a while as you paddle over large floating logs. Chris and Jeanine did a great job of "clearing the way" for Jerry, Jim and Jeff!

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