Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling Small

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Our paddle took us by what looked like a grain facility, a gravel facility, a trash facility, and the naval shipyard, among other industrial facilities. We paddled near the remains of the Jordan Bridge, and close to two other railroad bridges. We also passed by a couple of ships and barges.

It was a different way of feeling small, with our tiny kayaks close to all of these large manmade objects. They are much easier to comprehend from a car, or just from standing on land. In a kayak, down low on the water, it is a different story. It was also amazing to see how much water a powerboat that usually lives on a trailer in someone's backyard can kick up while speeding down the river.

On some of our paddles deeper into nowhere, one can stand up, and be the tallest thing for a mile around. On this paddle, we saw and felt the reverse. Not the most beautiful paddle, but interesting anyway.

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