Monday, October 26, 2009

Merchant's Millpond Coming Up

Merchant's Millpond is about 30 miles from Suffolk in North Carolina. A bit of a trip, but worth it! Plan on most of the day for this one, as we will spend around 4-5 hours at the park.

We will put in at about 10am from the boat ramp at the park, and paddle to our heart's content. The scenery will be some of the most unique and spectacular that we will paddle. Cypress trees are everywhere, so much so that there are colored floats in the water to help you find your way.

This paddle is a prime candidate for a little carpool action, if we can fit the boats, as it is a good distance away. Bring a picnic lunch, as we will stop at one of the paddle-in campgrounds to eat and stretch our legs. Bring your camera, as you will want to take plenty of pictures!

We will paddle if it is cold, but not in the rain. Those with sit-on-tops will need to think about this one, and keep your eye on the forecast, as we are pretty late in the season.

Let Jeff know if you are coming, and we will wait for you at the put-in.

And if you are interested in spending the night, let Jeff know. A few of us may pack our boats to camp at one of the paddle-in campsites, weather permitting, of course.

Hope to see you there! It will be a great way to end the season.

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