Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hampton Creek Paddle- July 19th

Here's an account of the paddle from George:

We had five show up- myself, Jim, Suzanne, Dennis and Debbie. We waited for Jeff and Chris until about 11:30 thinking Jeff implied he was coming to show us were to stop for lunch. It was suggested that in the future anyone going could go to the "meetup" and sign up, or perhaps do an email thread. Since Debbie lives in Hampton she took over as tour guide and she did a great job!. She has a friend (Tracy) who has a house on the water and we made that our destination. The only problem was there was no beach and the dock was about 5' above the water. We solved that problem by putting her paddle boat in the water which gave us something to move into before we did a monkey climb up the dock. Tracy was a great host. She treated us to wine, fruit and snacks while we ate lunch and sat around her gazebo and chit chatted.

I forgot to mention we had one almost mishap getting up on the dock. Suzanne was being helped by Dennis and Tracy when she fell back into the paddle boat pulling Tracy with her. No one was was hurt. There was also a mishap getting back into the boats. As I urged Debbie to put her butt into the sit on top first, she ignored my advice, putting her right foot in and her weight on that. She is a Tea Bag Award nominee. One other mishap occurred on the way back. As you had mentioned the wake of boats could be a problem. All the boats that went by went very slowly except one who went full speed. Everyone turned into the oncoming waves except Dennis. I hollered at him to turn ito the waves and once again I was ignored and we have our second Tea Bag Award nominee. He could not slide on top and choose to walk to shore (chest level water, 2' deep muck). After a couple of failed attempts to get into the boat the wrong way he finally listened to me and sat his butt in first and we were on our way.

All in all it was beautiful day with wonderful scenery and good companions. I think everyone mentioned what a wonderful trip it turned out to be.

Thanks George!

There's a lesson here- listen to George! He knows things about stuff!

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