Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kiptopeke Weekend 2006

Around Raccoon Island, originally uploaded by jmharper.

The weekend after Labor Day, the River Mice gathered for the sixth annual Kiptopeke weekend at Kiptopeke State Park on the eastern shore. Located just three miles past the toll plaza of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, it is an ideal retreat close to home.

Camp was set up under the trees at the spacious campground. Most of our sites backed up against each other, making for a nice community feel.

The highlight of the weekend is the Saturday paddle. This year, conditions were ideal to paddle around Raccoon Island, a close-in barrier island. A large group headed out, including Bill and Cheri, Ed and Connie, George and Bev, Jeff and Chris, Jerry and Jeanine, and Peggy and Jim. Debbie and Joe arrived early in the morning, and decided to get acquainted with their new camper instead of paddling.

No matter where you are, the bridge-tunnel isn't far away. It is off to the left of this picture.

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