Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Off to Rudee Inlet!

Off to Rudee Inlet!, originally uploaded by jmharper.

It was high tide when eleven of us headed out towards the Rudee Inlet Bridge and the backyards of Croatan. In the foreground you can see Christie, showing good form after only being in a kayak for 5 minutes!

Beginners are welcome on many of our paddles. With enough notice, we can usually outfit you with a boat, paddle, and PFD so you can see what you have been missing. Owl's Creek is a good beginner spot because of the low (and slow) power boat traffic, and short distances to interesting places.

After the round trip to Croatan, we stopped at the Owl's Creek ramp for a break, and to see which direction some far-off lightning was going to go. Once we figured it would be safe to go back in the water, we set out again into the night...

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