Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blog Master

This is Jeff, the Blog Master. He doesn't seem to want to post pictures of himself much, so here is one for the rest of the group.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Jim's Rig

Jim's Rig, originally uploaded by jmharper.

What do you do when your boat is a little too long? Adapt! That's what Jim did!

And be sure you are there for the next leg of the Virginia Beach Scenic Waterway, from the West Neck Marina to Princess Anne Road near the Civic Center. Get a look at Jim's unique rig first hand!

North Landing River- Needing to Rest

Ten miles in four and a half hours! The group stopped only at Captain Georges at Pungo Ferry for a lunch break. They battled the wakes from all of the powerboats and jet-skis, encountering two-foot waves at times. Turn into the wake as much as you can, and have fun riding the waves! And don't paddle too close to the osprey nests or mother will get angry!

North Landing River- The Survivors

Four Mice put in at noon on June 26th to paddle the first leg of the Virginia Beach Scenic Waterway. It was the longest, and in many ways, the most challenging River Mice paddle yet. From Munden Park at the south end of Virginia Beach to the West Neck Marina, Jim, Jerry, Chris and Jeff paddled 10.2 miles through the summer heat.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Owl's Creek- Putting Our Boats to Bed

We put-in at 7:15, and took out at 9:40. After over two hours of paddling and a long day at work, it was time to head home. We loaded our boats and hit the road, but not before deciding that this paddle was worth repeating. So if you missed our Summer Solstice celebration, we will be doing it again in about a month- on or near the full moon in July.

Owl's Creek- They Came From the Night

Yes, it got dark out on Owl's Creek. With flashlights duct-taped to our bows, we set a leisurely pace as the sun went down. The buzzwords for the paddle came to us as it got dark. FIREFLIES and the ORANGE GUY.

We had reached the end of one creek behind Shadowlawn, and were returning to Rockefeller's, when we rounded one corner and were presented with an awesome sight- a huge orange moon being "unveiled" as the clouds moved away. The orange guy (man in the moon, get it?) elicited a "wow" from everyone.

By the time we headed west down another creek, it was getting quite dark, and we were treated to a very cool light show. Hundreds of fireflies were blinking in the woods to either side of us! Another "wow" moment.

Finally it was time to head back to the ramp and take-out.

Owl's Creek Night Paddle- The Crew

Six Mice met at 7pm at the Owl's Creek boat ramp in Virginia beach for the Summer Solstice Night paddle. Jeff, Jerry, Jeanine, Jim, John, and Chris set out while there was still some sunlight, and warmed up by touring Lake Wesley and the backyards of Croatan. Lots of huge houses amd large boats.

After coming back under the bridge, the pace slowed down, and we started exploring some of the smaller creeks off of the inlet's main body. The tide was VERY high, so we were able to go very deep into the hinterlands.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Owl's Creek Evening/Night Paddle

Hi there River Mice!

You don't want to miss our next paddle, Tuesday June 21st. Meet us at 7pm at the Owl's Creek boat ramp for a unique evening/night paddle.

We will start out by heading over to Lake Willis and the backyards of Croatan. We will then make our way back through Rudee Inlet as the sun is going down, and paddle the creeks behind the Marine Science museum at twilight. This is a great chance to see the wildlife, and to paddle under a full moon. This will also be a VERY RELAXED paddle. We don't have a lot of ground to cover, and plenty of time to do it.

The Owl's Creek boat ramp is on General Booth Boulevard next to the Marine Science Museum.

Bring a flashlight or other battery powered portable light to be attached to your boat.
Saturday, June 25 we will be at Munden Point Park in Southern Virginia Beach to start our tour of the Virginia Beach Scenic Waterway. We will head up the North Landing River, past Captain Georges at Pungo Ferry, and up to the West Neck marina on West Neck Creek. We will have to set a shuttle for this one, but it will be worth it.

Be with the Mice as we tackle the Scenic waterway, one leg at a time!

As always, if you email or otherwise let us know you are coming, we will wait for you. If not, we paddle without you.

A few extra boats may be available to borrow, just ask!


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lynnhaven- Heavy Traffic

Lynnhaven- Heavy Traffic, originally uploaded by jmharper.

A Note of Caution when you paddle at Lynnhaven Inlet. The tides can be very strong, as all of the water in 4 or 5 rivers goes in and out through one narrow inlet. The powerboat traffic can also be VERY heavy, as this is a choke point for boats heading in and out of the Chesapeake Bay.

Paddling out of the city boat ramp area is OK for novice paddlers, but the trip across the inlet and down the channel towards Broad Bay Island can be kind of hazardous. Be careful!

Lynnhaven- Canoe Mice

Lynnhaven- Canoe Mice, originally uploaded by jmharper.

You never know where you will run into friends. on our way to our lunch stop at Bubbas, we ran into Debbie and Dana in a canoe. They were close to the end of one of their many explorations of the inlet area, and joined us for the traditional stop for crabcakes and a beverage.

They said the thought never occurred to them to stop at one of the restaurants on the water. You learn some new things when you paddle with the River Mice!

Lynnhaven- Watch Out for the Sandbars!

Lynnhaven Inlet can give you any number of paddling experiences. You can explore the many large waterways that radiate out to the south, hug the shore and admire the beautiful homes, or paddle among the many islands and sandbars that are just south of the inlet itself. Here, Chris, Jerry and jeanine paddle between two islands, hoping not to run aground.

Lynnhaven- Paddling the Inlet

Lynnhaven- Paddling the Inlet, originally uploaded by jmharper.

The River Mice were at it again on Sunday, June 5th. Four mice met at the Lynnhaven Inlet boat facility next to the Lesner Bridge. Chris, Jerry, Jeanine and Jeff were looking forward to a nice paddle on a beautiful day. Sunny and mid-80's was a little hot on shore, but perfect on the water.