Monday, July 11, 2005

Suffolk Paddle at Reed's Ferry

Eight mice met in Suffolk on a hot afternoon to explore a new site. Jerry Schneider lead us in this one, and got to the site a half hour early to hang the Mogul banner and engineer the put in. Then along came Dave Shepperd, Peggy Bryant, Jim Hutson, Ron and Nancy Shorn, Jeanine St. Romain, and me. The rig that Jerry created was amazing - worth the price of admission! All mice were rigged into the water without so much as a misplaced ripple. Climbing out should have been a breeze, but impatient Peggy decided to try going for the ladder before we had hold of both ends of her kayak. We all thought she was very clever in cooling off on this hot day! Thanks, Jerry, for a great day!

If you would like a link to the entire set of digital photos, email me at and I will send you an invitation to the kodak photo site where you can view and/or download the photos (at no charge).

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